What makes us tick

thirteen05 isn’t just an office space. We harbor creativity and innovation while trying to not let the everyday bureaucracy of bigger businesses impede on us having a comfortable and fun work environment.

The bottom line is: we like to work and we like to play and sometimes we figure out a way to do both at the same time.

thirteen05 combines professionalism, hard work and a little bit of razzle dazzle to give you exactly what you want for you or your business. We measure our success by your success and that has proven to be the best scale for all of us.

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RichByrd CEO & Founder Rich used to work in a Candy Factory (Not Willy Wonka’s), he has a surprise twin, and he once got stuck on a mountain.
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BillTodd President Bill is usually spending time with his daughter Ashton Lynn. But also enjoys fishing, boating, and playing with his dog, Lady.
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ShawnWarmouth Vice President Can chug a pint of beer in under 2 seconds, has lived on 3 islands in his life, is an avid Lightning fan!
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JaredMurawski Project Manager Used to work in a big ol' toy store, got shoved out of the way by the Secret Service and still hasn't forgotten about Dre.
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PepperPitts Office Manager Pepper enjoys many areas of life, especially outdoor activities any time the weather permits, but her greatest joys are her son and granddaughter. One of her future desires..skydiving!
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VicCao Interactive Director Designer/Developer by day, CrossFitter by night, and Ironman Wannabe always.
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Tricia BramleyWilliams Director of Digital Strategy Tricia is obsessed with Ohio State, is scared to death of whales, and can very likely deadlift you.
JustinRoy Full Time Justin Can solve a Rubix cube like a boss, is a 2nd degree blackbelt, and is an Eagle Scout.
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KimViverette VP of Sales Kim is an avid francophile who loves to refurbish old houses and attend any type of food & wine event. She used to work for a big NYC based marketing firm before moving back to Florida.
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