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Here is a simple truth: Anyone can build you a site. It’s evident by the overload of DIY creator tools and basement bargain developers. But it’s not enough to just build a site. It takes a team of true professionals to really know how to craft your story. That’s where we come in. We are thirteen05 creative.


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From web design and development, to integrated content marketing strategies, we are a powerhouse team of dynamic creatives that are here to help you bring your business to life online.

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Our websites are award winning. Every website we craft is custom designed and built to work for you. Whether you are located in Tampa, Clearwater, St. Pete, Florida or the world, our team can make sure you stand out from the crowd.


Integrated Marketing is where it’s at. It’s not one single thing that will boost you past your competitors- you need to make sure your efforts craft a holistic image of what you do and who you are. We can help create a story that’s not only beautiful, but also built on data.

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Our strategies are all designed to make sure that everything we do is done with the best practices in place. From our mobile development practices to our SEO strategies, you can rest assured that your businesses' story will always be full of strong characters.

We love what we do

No really, we do. We enjoy our work, and our passion shines through in exceptional results.

Print We create stellar print designs while applying our marketing skills to ensure you get customers through the door. Our designs are functional as well as brilliant.
Branding Online presence is a potential customer’s first impression of your business. Our comprehensive branding strategies will ensure your company’s story flows cohesively and fluently.
Web Design Winning Addys, Daveys, and American Web Awards, our sites deliver your company the attention it deserves. With our mobile friendly designs, you can rest assured that your brand will shine.
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SEO The face of SEO is changing, and changing rapidly. Google and the major search engines require SEO to be done truthfully and justly - which is great for us, because that’s just how we do things.
tradeshows You’re already spending thousands, maybe tens of thousands of dollars just to show up. How about maximizing your results with a spectacular display that gets you noticed.
Social Media Driven by simple word of mouth, social media marketing can be a great way to get your company’s name out to a wide audience. A majority of the entire population is somehow connected to a social media site in some way, shape or form. That’s a lot of eyes looking your way.


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Our story started here. We are Tampa born and bred, and we love helping businesses here thrive.

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